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Artistic Development

Micaela Villa-Schäfer was born in 1959 in Colima at the Mexican Pacific coast of Mexico. She studied Plastic Arts in the Fine Arts Institute of Colima University. She was awarded several prizes in the areas of sketching and painting.
She was employed through the Fine Arts Institute as an Art teacher before accepting a scholarship to study the German language in Germany. In order to further her knowledge of foreign languages, she moved thereafter to France to study French. Upon her return to Mexico she worked in an advertising agency as an assistant creative director.
From there she returned to Germany to begin her studies of Art History, Theater, Film and TV sciences and Latin-American Philology at the University of Frankfurt am Main. Her studies were interrupted through her decision to establish a family and support her husband in his career (which included many moves in and outside of Germany), finally settling down with her young family in Ratingen, Germany.
Afterwards she completed her studies of Painting and Graphic on the Free Art Academy Rein/Ruhr in Krefeld, Germany.
Her painting themes are inspired through her own sensations, feelings, dreams and nightmares, as well as thoughts over the past and present. She integrates such ideas and transforms them into images trough realist painting.

She works and gives Painting lessons in her Studio.

During the summer vacations, she gives Art lessons in Mexico.
Since July 2015 she conduct an Art workshop at the Art Summer Academy of the Fine Arts Institute of Colima’s University.


Workshop taught by Micaela Villa de Schäfer
Visual Artist
The Nature,
Muse and Model
11 – 13 June
16:00 – 19:00 hours
Colima, Mexico 2019
Center for Community Support
Culture Promotion of Colima University
Auch in VITA, auf der englischen Seite, steht das Plakat vom 1915 ohne die Übersetzung. Bitte füge sie ein.

Summer Workshop
To learn to See
Introduction in the Art and in the Painting Techniques
20 – 29 July 2015
10:00 – 13:00 hours
Given by
Visual Artist resident in Germany
Initiation in the Arts School of the Colima University
College of Fine Arts



Art Workshop
Me, you all artist
Lecturer Micaela Villa de Schäfer

28. – 30. August

Mirador de la Cumbre II
4:30 – 6:30 pm
Colima, Mexico 2018

Culture Promotion of Colima University

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Divergent Art
Given by Micaela Villa de Schäfer

14 -17 August 2017 | 10:00 – 13:00 Hours
For Bachelor’s Students of Advertising and Public Relations
At the Marketing
Faculty oft the University of Colima

Cartel Arte Divergente 2017


Free Painting and Creative Expression
Given by
Micaela Villa de Schäfer
Meeting up with Art and Painting Techniques
Art Workshop
Forum Pablo Silva García
6-7, 13-14, 20-21, und 27-28 August 2016
10:00 – 14:00
Limited number of participants
Cultural Dissemination Management at
The University of Colima

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cartel curso (2)


Studies of Plastic Arts and Art Education in the Fine Arts Institute of the University of Colima, Mexico. Professors (among others): Jorge Chávez Carrillo (Mural Painting, Nude Drawing) and Francisco C. Quintero (Sculpture).

1985- 1988
Studies of Art History, Theater, Film and TV Sciences, and Latin American Philology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Though the seventh semester.

Establishment of a family – three Children – and several moves
in and outside of Germany

Studies of Painting and Graphic at the Free Academy of Art Rhein/Ruhr in Krefeld, Germany. Student of Veit Johannes Stratmann.


Second prize in the “Colima city publics Schools Drawing Competition”.

Second prize in the “Colima federal state Jung painting competition”.

First prize of painting in the “Plastic Arts Competition of the Fine Arts Institute of Colima University”.

Medal of merit of Carnival Committee of Ratingen City to participation in the creation of the stage design (acryl on canvas, 4m x 9m) for the coronation of Carnival Prince in the Town

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